Your Light Shines On - Andrew Weatherall

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Devastated, doesn't even come close.

I was just walk back to work after getting my lunch and a I got a call from my partner:

I've got some bad news. Andrew Weatherall has died, Dave Haslam just posted it on Facebook.

I don't know what to think, I'm gutted this guy was a fucking legend he's worked with and remixed everyone.

More than that he's DJ'ed everywhere.

He used to run a free night in The Tea Building every Thursday night in Shoreditch, when it was a dodgy place to go. Now the Tea Building is full of hipsters and Pizza. I'd go every week grab a glass of tap water and dance for 4 hrs.

I could go on listing everything he'd done, but there are sites everywhere telling you that, instead I've just made a playlist.

I was supposed to be seeing him in March at Inner City Electronic and AVA Confernce.

Now I'm just going to feel joy that I saw him at Apollo50 in Goonhilly, perform A Love From Outer Space (ALFOS) with Sean Roberts.

Rest Well my friend Your Light Shines On!

Andrew Weatherall sat outside Rough Trade East
Andrew Weatherall sat outside Rough Trade East 2009 during Record Store day (photo by Spencer Hickman